Courtesy Shuttle

Courtesy Special Needs Shuttles for LA TRAVIATA

Courtesy Special Needs Shuttles are accessed by PARKING LOT 5 off Metzger Drive, the main campus drive. Patrons should drive all the way to the end of PARKING LOT 5 into a loop circle in front of entrance to Brower Student Center, where special needs patrons should be dropped off to get the shuttle.  In the case of inclement weather, patrons may wait inside the Student Center until the shuttle buses arrive to transport them to Kendall Theater.

Please be advised that the courtesy shuttles are provided as a service for handicapped and physically-challenged patrons and their companions, going directly to Kendall Theater. If you are not a special needs individual, please do not board the shuttle since there are a substantial number of patrons who truly need the service.

Special needs shuttles are available for performances of La Traviata on March 28 and 30.

Shuttle service begins 45 minutes prior to pre-curtain talks on both performance days: Fri-Mar 28 at 6:15 and  Sun-Mar 30 at 1:15.  Special needs patrons should arrive in plenty of time to take advantage of the shuttle service.

The shuttle service will be at the Kendall Theater front doors at the close of performances to return patrons to the loop circle at Parking Lot 5, continuing for approximately 45 minutes after performances. The Brower Student Center will remain open for patrons to wait inside for their companion drivers.

For patron convenience, the link for the TCNJ campus map is below: