Since its founding in 1989, Boheme Opera has used its resources to educate students of all ages about the many components of opera theater and related fields.  Thousands of participating students, audiences and constituencies have experienced first-hand the work of our co-founders, our world-class singers, our designers and directors, our creative and administrative staff, volunteers, apprentices and interns.

We take the time and effort to teach and enlighten, because opera is an amazing art form that encompasses an extraordinary variety of cultural, historical and contemporary subjects.  In a way, opera touches all of the public at one time or another – through media formats including television, film, radio,  recordings, print media, internet, online social networks and HD technology, as well as in live formats, including live opera theater, schools of all jurisdictions, colleges, training conservatories, concert halls,  countless communities which have incorporated entertainment venues and privately-owned spaces when people come together share opera at the personal level.  Even those who have never experienced opera in any format have been touched by it without their knowledge.

The power of opera that permeates our world is that unique spark of human emotion created by a sung story and its characters, that special melody or mood created by passionate composers and librettists, the amazing stage spectacle created by visionary designers, directors and technicians, and most memorable of all, the talented artists that herald the human voice in all its glory.

Beyond the main stage, Boheme invites you to discover its programs and outreach events, and learn about opera as it relates to our everyday lives, our economic impact, our nurturing of young people and enriching of communities.  Help us bring people to an art form that is no longer perceived as antiquated and contrived, but rather fresh and exciting for our 21st century.

We looking forward to meeting you during our 24th anniversary season!