Board of Directors

Boheme Opera is honored to work with the following Officers and Trustees of its Board of Directors:

Michael G. Donahue III, Esq., Chairman

Jim Faridy, Chairman Emeritus

Jerry Kalstein, President

Marilee Ryan, Treasurer

Sid Morginstin, Recording Secretary

Stuart B. Dember, Esq.,Trustee

Norman Goldschmidt, Trustee

Howard Zogott,Trustee

Boheme Opera acknowledges its Honorary Board made up of individuals who have had exemplary impact on the Boheme organization throughout its history:

  • Richard Bilotti
  • Francine Engler, First Past Board of Directors President
  • Sen. Peter Inverso
  • Dick La Rossa
  • Steven Picco, Esq.
  • Robert Prunetti
  • Dr. Marwan Sadat
  • Sydney Sussman
  • Shirlee Wenzel